The Death of an Industry or The Birth of a new way?

cropped-podcastHello My Dear Movie Lovers! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you and today I want to do so by first: Extending my gratitude for following my Blog and secondly; by opening this platform to comments and suggestions on today’s topic.

As we all know, these last couple of months have been interesting and uncertain for everyone. CoVid-19 has affected the Film Industry tremendously and although I cannot speak for the big studios, what I CAN DO is speak for myself and from my own experience, which  is the reason I started this blog in the first place.

As a model and actress, my life revolves and depends on the industry. My income and even my social lifestyle depends on it. I never imagined in my twenty-something years that I would ever see something such as what we are witnessing today; productions being shot down, movies that were supposed to be released not being released, movie theaters closed………..what!!!? Oh Quiet Place 2, how much do I wish your release date would’ve been Feb instead of March? Do not panic, however!  Because we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple Tv, etc. YAY!!!

In my opinion, we all needed this break to tune in with ourselves and to truly reset and re-connect with what’s important. The Film Industry is no exception! This is forcing a new way of operation to be created, as it is equally changing the way we look at movies and even what we consider to be a “Film”. Is it still a film even if it’s not shown in theatres? Are we breaking major traditions in our industry for kinda forcing the absolution of theaters? I believe it was already headed that way… the next couple of decades……. but not now! BUT,  the streaming websites were  changing all of that rapidly already and all COVID did was accelerate the process. Ever since Netflix began to lead the way into a new world, this was already a very prominent question. And yet, other questions remain: Will our beloved industry make a strong come-back? Will there be new methods to filming? Will we be pushed quicker to a Virtual Reality world out of fear of another pandemic?

What is very clear to me now that we have all experienced COVID-19  is that the online presence will be stronger than ever and I believe that studios are already realizing that, in the face of a pandemic, one thing remains: Streaming Entertainment.


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