Netflix Original “CARGO” Starring: Martin Freeman

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What’s up, What’s up, what’s poppin’ movie lovers!? I am back and I’m back with a goodie. This is my first review on a Netflix film so wooohoooo!!! Give it up and I present to you….CARGO!!! A film about a father, a baby daughter, a deadly epidemic in Australia, and last but not least, a tribe of hella’ good native people.

If you are anything like me, you are probably very skeptical about selecting this movie because of the simple fact that, c’mon! How many zombie flicks can we really come up with that are actually original after The Walking Dead? Not very many. BUUUUUUUT! It kept me interested throughout, and SPOILER ALERT- It’s not the typical movie where the main actor AKA hero goes through all sorts of struggles that may even seem impossible to overcome and you’re like waaaaaaaa ? and then he miraculously lives until the end. NO, on this one, from the very early stages of the film we know that he’s doomed, like, for real. And now he’s got a problem: His baby daughter with no one to care for her. So, If you’re looking for an action packed zombie movie, this is clearly not for you but, if you are up for a nice heart-felt story with some action, some zombies and are even up to share a tear at the end then….. I recommend it. I thought the story was great- showing that compassion is always the way, showing the love that we should have for one another.
In my opinion, the ending is worth the watching 😉


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